Free My Apps] iTunes redeem code & Google play Gift card get free!

Since I do not have a blogging, I have to charge to make 3000 points, $ 10 by 30-60 points accumulated under the most apps.
It took really long.
The first is because no one looks more apps then the app 3-4. It appears one at a time 2-3 days …
Early application may also appear when accessing 3G, LTE and access the wifi is a little different, it does not receive some more.
this link is my share url.

Let’s click the above URL on your smartphone.
It’s recommended that the code is required each other better.

Accumulate 200 points who came aboard to the code recommended if down the app for the first time.

May be, more than 200 points app is not free. Notice.

Gifts go to the menu in a collection of 3000 points, and press the iTunes $ 10, Redeem Code will be displayed on the screen.
When you copy it, or it can be charged to another account, you will be charged as soon as you go over and press the button.

Let’s also Android users can also Google Play Gift Card.

The following screen shot that was charged.
I found what was left $ 0.01 to be used must be used that do not appear even to see iTunes again after use, re-login.

I will be good enough now you can collect a lot of recommendations, to buy the actual Amazon gift card.


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